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Do you have a musical instrument or some equipment taking up valuable space in your home? Looking for a way to free up that space and make some extra cash? Come on over to Music House, where we'll either help you sell your instrument or buy it from you! 

We understand that trying to sell things on your own can sometimes be difficult, that's why we have a showroom and an online store (coming soon) for displaying your items. If for any reason we can't accept your item, we also have an area in our lobby where customers can post pictures of what they're trying to sell. Items we typically don't purchase/consign are; large speakers/cabinets, unplayable & unrepairable instruments, broken items, First Act instruments, unbranded instruments, large stage equipment, used reeds/mouthpieces, and pianos (keyboards okay). We mostly specialize in string instruments, keyboards, small/medium amplifiers, band instruments, some PA equipment, and percussion.

If you decide to sell to us, please understand that we can't offer you the full value of what you're selling. We do need to make a profit, but we will give you the most money possible. To consign with us, you get to set the price for what you're selling. You may also choose to remove your item(s) from consignment at any time. Once your item sells, you can stop by during normal business hours to pick up your cash!

We also accept donations. Even if the instrument is old or broken, we will repair the instrument/equipment if needed and display the item at a low price that just covers our repair cost to individuals who may not be able to afford a more expensive instrument.

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