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Instrument & Equipment  Rentals

Our rental program is easy to join, and almost anyone can do it! Why join our rental program? Check out these great benefits.

  • ANYONE at least 18 years of age can rent from us. No need to be in a school band to get the equipment you need.

  • Our instruments are cleaned, repaired, and play-tested by our repair technicians before they are available to rent.

  • Enjoy low monthly rental rates, with no obligations.

  • Rent almost any instrument/stage equipment in our store! We currently have a very limited selection of band instruments, however we have a larger selection of guitars/other stringed instruments, keyboards, and stage equipment.

  • Every cent, including the deposit, that you pay in rent each month goes towards the purchase of the instrument/equipment rented.

  • Get the customer service you deserve whenever you visit our store, for any reason!

  • Need lessons? We've got you covered! Get lessons by our professional teachers at the same location you rent your instrument.

  • Have a broken guitar or a bent clarinet key? Bring it in and have our expert repair techs take a look at it!



+$30 deposit   

  • Student Flute

  • Student Clarinet

  • Violin


  • Viola

  • Acoustic Guitar

  • Ukulele



+$35 deposit   

  • Banjo               

  • Mandolin

  • 61-Note Keyboard



+$40 deposit   

  • Trumpet              

  • Trombone


  • Cello

  • Electric Guitar

  • Lap Dulcimer



+$60 deposit   

  • Alto Saxophone

  • Oboe

  • 88-Note Keyboard


Are you looking to rent PA equipment for an event, or do you want to rent an instrument that wasn't listed? Please contact us, and we'll work with you to get you the instrument/gear you need!

**Due to the small number of band instruments we have in stock, we ask that anyone needing to rent a band instrument for the next season reserve one as soon as possible. This way we can order the instrument(s) needed, and have them delivered before school starts.

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